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So much for hypocritical, open minded globalism! The reality

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“That’s why I put them in tournaments every weekend,” Lady Wildcats coach Greg Dugan said of dropping just one set this year. “There were five weekends in a row that they were playing a tournament. Seeing different competition and having close games is important.

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I found two repair stations, and after about 10 minutes, a young man with scruffy hair and a big smile went to work on my back wheel. Another 10 minutes and he was finished. He had everything he needed and he did it with aplomb.. This is all mush rubbish! Also, Americans want to be allowed to sit for the Bar exams or be out right admitted in other countries; namely UK, Ireland, the Caribbean, Canada, and other common law nations, etc. BUT they constantly contrive and put up BARRIERS for other to do the same in this Country. So much for hypocritical, open minded globalism! The reality is open competition vs.

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